Looking forward to hearing more about this!! My husband and I are at a crossroads right now about where to move -- whether to chuck it all for a more exciting change or try to settle down a bit. Of course it's like -- you can always *change your mind* but making jumps one way or the other certainly feels like it affects your ability to swap to the other option down the road. Can you tell I hate making decisions? Haha.

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I follow you here because I saw you on IG and you’re freaking hilarious. Can’t wait to catch you in person eventually!

I turn 46 on Friday. I have 4 kids ages 12-20 from my first marriage. Got married again late last year and have totally different ideas of what I want out of my marriage, life, job, relationship than I did when I got first married at almost 24. I think admitting your needs change and your life changes over time is really important and that changes what you need at different points. You don’t have to strive for one ideal because that does change through your life.

Rambling I know.

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Have you read “perfect little world” by Kevin Wilson? It is a fiction book about a community aka “cult”. It has some interesting thoughts in it about the kind of communal living you discuss

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That's a huge ask.

And maybe it's transient.

You might think you've captured it, but then it fades away, and you find joy in "normality"

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